Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Since Christmas is over...

Here is the gift I made for my Aunt Sherie.

She had asked for a pillow with a bee on it (a year ago... oops) so I finally got it together and decided to use it on a kitchen aide cover instead.
I am pretty sure the lining fabric is an Amy Butler print. It screamed sherie to me. I don't know why maybe it's the circles : )
Well I am not being creative around here at all. I am hoping to get back to it soon but life really seems to be getting in the way at the moment!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 Years

and Uber has loved every minute of it,

...so have I!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colbie Caillat

Last Friday night mum took Uber and I out to see Colbie Caillat. It was a lot of fun but we didn't bring a camera. So we made due with my phone... which as it turns out doesn't take very good pictures.
You have to stay very still! Which is not something any of us are good at!
It was a small venue which was nice. But they built the space on an angle which was not so cool. We were upstairs where you could sit and we were really close to the stage but we couldn't see it because the wall curved. We ended up going down stairs and hanging out in the crowd which was a lot more fun even if you could only stand.

I think we all had a blast.
Colbie is totally cute and normal looking.

We had a blast with mum here. Uber misses her she had coffee ready for him and had everything clean the whole time she was here. He's been spoiled... ok me too... love you mum!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

In the shop...

I have a few new covers that will be making their way into the shop. I have been playing with my graphics on the covers and this is the first one I can show you (you'll be seeing the other one soon...) My mum has been wanting me to use more of my graphic work on fabric so I am finally getting around to it!

Robert Kaufman lemon print on the inside. Love his fabric.
We are having a blast around here I have more to post about but haven't gotten any pictures yet.

Well I better get back to work we are having a stay at home in our pajamas and sew day.

Hope your having as much fun as us!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Amanda was totally up for some crafting while she was here so I taught her how to do freezer paper stenciling and we even got her all set up so she can continue when she gets back to her dorm!
We picked up some plain T's on Friday and she got busy with some sparrow designs.
How cute is that?

Next she went for a peacock! Which she was a little intimidated by but I think she did a marvelous job! What do you think?

I love the butt feathers!!!

I can't wait to see what she does with her new skills!!

While she was busy with her exact-o knife I made her a logo from some of her drawings. I have decided that everyone needs a logo!
Saturday we got the tree up and decorated. The house is decidedly more festive! I love Christmas lights!
I haven't added much to the tree since last year but I did manage to make up some garland. Its from the shell lamp I took apart last year to make my crystal lamp. I couldn't see throwing all the shells out so I kept them in a bag and finally realized they would be great for garland on the tree. They are perfect... now I just need more shells!
Oh and for a black Friday deal... Amanda got some wonderful deals but this is all I came home with (well for me anyway)!!
They're from Urban Outfitters .... you just can't resist this kind of awesomeness on sale! These suckers are HEAVY and around 3 inches tall. I just with they had done them in realistic colors.

Alright well I am off. Fair warning I may possibly disapear for a while again!

Monday, November 30, 2009


I bought standard pillowcases a few months ago with the intention of doing some fun designs on them and never got around to it. I finally completed two over the holiday.

This first one is for Amanda who stayed with us over the holiday we brainstormed up things that reflect her and I drew up the design... of course I embellished a lot on the ideas so who knows how much it reflects her now-but it looks cool and she says she like it ...so... It started with the sparrow and then wanting to incorporate an "A" which turned into a mountain which then need a castle which then needed a forest and an ocean...

and every ocean needs a pirate ship.
Oh and the stars were a request... because stars are awesome
and Forests need fox's and mushrooms!

This second pillow is a gift for a much smaller friend. It's the same owl design I used on my other pillows with the branch switched up to be an initial. Hopefully I get the gift for her new little brother done soon so I can get this all in the mail...

I am loving that the quilt behind the pillow is the lovely one my mom sent me recently and it is made from bird themed fabrics... perfect for the pillow case!
I think the owl eyes are my favorite.

Tomorrow I will be back with shirts-- yes more crafting!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ok so I'm a little late! We had a wonderful dinner of course no pictures but it was lots of fun. A lovely lady took us out for lunch along with her grandchildren so it was 8 youngens to one grown up... she had her work cut out for her keeping us all in line!
Friday we headed over to Roberto's house where he and Uber had dug a pit the previous day for some pit Bar-B-Que. Of course we did a little shopping and baking of pies first...
Wait I said we did a little shopping... by we I don't mean Uber. We had a college student friend staying for the holidays that did the shopping and baking with me. Uber headed to Roberts to make sure the grilling was in order... ahem.... We found them like this when we showed up. Supervising the grilling while watching a tv they had rigged up out a back window...
They were very proud of themselves and hey they made dinner so I'm not complaining!

A little peak at the meal. Pork shoulder and potatoes. Everything was excellent and they made sure the meat cooked to it's proper temperature...no worries

I actually lucked out completely. I didn't have to cook a single dinner the whole weekend - just two pies. Saturday Uber did up a prime rib roast... to DIE FOR!!! He's a great cook I'm always excited when he gets on William's Sonoma and starts looking at recipes! Alright tomorrow I will have CRAFTING for you that's right CRAFTING can you believe that?!

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