Friday, May 27, 2011

Ribbon Storage

 We're still working on getting Mum's sewing room completely organized. This last weekend I made her get rid of her old ribbon storage ... it had no where to go in her new room. So I came up with this fast solution that uses the space behind her door 
Here's what we used
 Mark the center of each finial tip
 drill out a guide hole for your hook 
 screw in the hook
 I used a piece of fabric to protect the hook and pliers to make the job easier
 Using a level mark 1 to 2 inches in from either side of your dowel 
 Drill, insert anchor and screw in your finial
 fill up your dowels with your ribbon collection and hang
 The supplies for the two rows ran only $12 (she will be needing more rows)  
 Which seemed like a good deal to me since I paid more then that for half the storage for the system I bought from Michaels
Now if we could just get the rest of the room organized that fast!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

P is for pillow

This is for a little someone ... though it will be a while before she receives it because I am working on something else that needs to be sent with it.... There is really nothing better then initials and favorite animals! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Accessorizing my Clothes Line

We are still cloth diapering and it has been going great- except some minimal staining on some of the diapers so I finally got my act together and ordered a clothesline - it's awesome totally should have had this set up from the start
Uber had it installed in a few minutes. Now I just load the line up at night (we get morning sun on the deck) and by noon the next  morning the sun is off the deck and the diapers are all nice and white again
Now I wish I had more colored diapers... it's like having a banner strung up! If you are thinking about cloth I would completely recommend not purchasing white - I just had a gift card for target and it was the only color they had in stock... other then being boring I don't like that the outside sometimes gets stained - an issue I have never had with my colored diapers
I realized I needed someway to corral my clothespins I had a few ideas and I looked around for some inspiration-wow are there some interesting ones! And then I was talking to mom about it who described the my great-grandmothers and then I came up with this. 
 The hanger is a baby hanger that came on an outfit I received for Micah - I would love to find a source for it because it's small- about 9" across, super strong and is completely coated in rubber- perfect for outside
 It took 1/4 yard of outdoor fabric that I picked up at joanns. The solid fabric is Kona Cotton.
 It's on the shallow side but it easily holds about 50 clothespins
And I LOVE the way it looks out on the line!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Eagles (football)

A friend requested an Eagles growth chart.... everyone knows I am totally not a sports team person - but it's always fun to try something different!

 I really enjoyed the process... though it was time consuming... the design at least was a no brainer. I tried to make it look as close as I could to the pictures of their stadium that I found online.
 It's painted with acrylic on primed canvas and then I sealed it with a Matte Finish.
 Lots of fun to do... unfortunately I had to buy the canvas in bulk so now to figure out what to do with the remaining 4+ yards of canvas... I listed some of it in the shop... but I am sure you'll be seeing a lot more projects with it in the near future
 hopefully the new parents will enjoy it
And so the little one will be ready to dress for the games this next season a onesie was made
This was done using the usual freezer paper method-- I cut multiple layers of paper to print the different colors-- fun on a small item ...could drive you crazy though 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Playing catch up ... again

 Micah wants to show you his teeth 
(though I must admit they are a lot farther along now then this picture)
 We took him on his first kayak ride 
 It wasn't long but he seemed to enjoy it
 I enjoyed not having to pretend like I was helping

 unfortunately a crazy storm blew in and we all had to vacate the beach ... see the guy in the background? The wind and sand was out of control
 Uncle Kris came out for a visit-if you hadn't picked up on that- Micah and him had a blast
 He is now known as Mega Me... 
 Their similar expressions are uncanny
 And for all of you who don't have a beach near here's a gratuitous dolphin shot 
 And a fresh from a swim baby eating his first Ritz cracker
 And one for the road -- who knew the car seat could fit in the mini? 
Hope you all had wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night Fireworks at the Baseball Game

We took Mum, Dad and Micah to their first Suns Baseball game this last weekend but first we stopped by the Burrito Gallery - which was seriously delicious I would like to know why I had never heard of this place before! 
We had to entertain/torture Micah while we were waiting for out food...

 I think Micah enjoyed himself
 hanging out with Grandpa
 taking a nap on Grandma
 being shocked that the Suns actually pulled out a win in the last seconds of the game...
 Funny story- Micah was sitting on ubers lap when the game winning home run ball came down a foot in-front of them- Uber caught it in his hat but it bounced back out again ... of course another guy grabbed it... but seriously how crazy is that!
 he definitely enjoyed his first fireworks show
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!

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