Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stuffed Motorcycle

If you get one your child will be this happy! 
just kidding but isn't he adorable? He kept throwing the motorcycle... which I was very frustrated about until Mum reminded he the next day that my Dad plays a game with him where he has Micah throws the pillows...
Anyway this idea popped into my head while I was making Ubers pillow case. There's not a lot of gifts Dads can appreciate when your getting ready for a baby but I ran this idea by him and he thought it was great. Who wants another stuffed animal?! Not him! But a stuffed motorcycle he can get behind! They are now in the shop.
When this kid smiles it kills me. 
This is assisted standing but with the way this boy demands to walk I wont be surprised if he can do it on his own soon (hopefully not too soon...) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Motorcycle pillow

I've wanted to make this graphic/pillow for over a year. I thought uber would appreciate something in the house that was made with him in mind. 
 He chose red to match his truck (and possibly his old motorcycle)
 I'm kind of in love with the graphic though... as you will see later!
 Anyway I made a second one for the shop

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Onesies

Check them out in the shop

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I had almost forgotten

Remember this--
 Well it's been joined by this--

 And this--

I am trying to decide if I want to do anymore... I need to make a decision because I really want to order some! I also need to decide what I want to make with it.. any suggestions?

To check them out go here. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Tshirt Design

I am very slow. Because this is the first time I am telling you all that Mum gave me an awesome gift for my birthday (in MARCH) she got me a YUDU.  And it is a lot of fun... once you stop trying to use the outrageously expensive crappy emulsion that YUDU sells. I have been practicing-- and currently need to spend another day making and burning screens... since I have some new graphics I want to try -- YEAH! 

Here is a butterfly shirt- which I will be putting up in the shop at a later undetermined date. I had to do some additional improvements to the graphic but I am really happy with it. 
This opens up all sorts of options!
Plus it will be fun to have some more girly options in the shop.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Tree

I ordered this pattern after Jennifer blogged about it here. I had seen her prints a few years ago and saved the picture... and then had no idea where I had found it so I was super happy to find it again and to see that she had an embroidery version out because I like it even more than the print. 
I thought it would be the perfect project for our car trip- and it was but it took considerably longer than our trip to complete... who knew traveling with a baby in the car gives you less time? 

 I went back and forth on pillow or wall hanging but pillow won out... I can always stretch it later...
 I added the green stripe for fun- after having to do it on my other pillow I have grown to like the detail.

I need to find more short term projects to do so I have more to show you!

And just because look at what this guy got a hold of yesterday. His face cracks me up it's like - DUDE have you seen this stuff?-- AMAZING! Funny but I hope he doesn't make a habit of it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summers here

And boy have we gotten busy. It mostly has something to do with a mobile boy and a husband that has been taking a lot of business trips. And since getting things done seems to be impossible some days I have been doing fun things instead. Things that keep Micah entertained. I'm sure you all relate! 

Over Memorial day we headed out to Destin Beach on the 'west' coast of Florida to see Ubers oldest brother and his family. They hadn't met Micah yet so it was a fun trip and Micah got to meet his cousin (1st? 2nd? always forget how that works) She is 4 months older than him. It was highly entertaining since she alternated between trying to kiss him and wrestling/sitting on him. Micah didn't really appreciate either scenario but the rest of us thought it was funny...
 Micah has been enjoying food. He especially likes it when we have noodles since my Dad drapes them across his head... highly entertaining to watch him try and locate them and then eat them.
 These two are getting along great. Brinkley is finally seeing the perks of having him around. I came around the corner the other day and Brinkley was helping himself to Micah's Cheerios... not that Micah seemed to mind I think they have  deal worked out - Cheerios for pulling hair...
 He's been 'mobile' for a few months doing a rather special sit/move forward/sit thing but it turned into true crawling a little over a week ago and he gets faster every day. At the same time he started crawling he figured out pulling up. He still hasn't realized he can pull up on anything (thank goodness). It was a big surprise to walk into this last Friday. He was upset and yet still very proud of himself! I think the upset part might of been he wasn't sure how to sit back down.
 Or last few weekends... and probably most of the ones to follow have been spent out at the beach. We pack up early and drive out with the kayaks then we all go out and when Micah is over it we take turns heading out and bumming around. This is actually on the inlet- the true beach is on the other side of the dunes behind me. But this side has calmer water and less people. Two weekends ago Dad and Uber followed a dolphin around and last weekend Uber saw a sea turtle. Micah LOVES the water and wears himself out... if you notice he's asleep in the tent. I should be getting our beater camera back soon so we can take it out on the water and get more pictures.
 I've been terrible about formal pictures so most everything of him is snapshots- need to try and get a better shot of him in this outfit though... it's seriously awesome.
 Mom made him this shirt a few weeks ago out of fabric I bought for his sea turtle quilt and then didn't use.
 The baby Levi's are from his Uncle and the converses are from his Cousin. The whole thing cracks me up!
He's growing up so fast!
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