Thursday, February 17, 2011

A new logo for my uncles consulting business
 And more pictures of the wee one... fat rolls for all of you!

Mom's opened shop!

Go check it out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leather Fun Part 2

The Spotted Pillow - because who wouldn't want one?!? This was my second idea for the leather.

I cut circles out of the leather and then decided to add a punch of color in as well so I used 100% wool felt in 3 shades of blue. I didn't plan the layout as well as I probably should have but I think it turned out ok. The leather spots are smooth and rough side out to give the brown spots texture.
I then hand stitched all of the dots on with pearl cotton.
It was a really fun project. Though not baby friendly since leather probably wont go through the wash that well. But that's ok because it was made with someone in mind who may or may not have a problem with circles.... that person may want to locate a 14x26 pillow insert... if that person is reading this and wants it!

And here is a Micah shot for you- he's playing with a gift from his Aunt Sherie sent him and he LOVES it! Its a maple wood teether. I just put it on his play mat the day we got it in the mail and he found it all on his own and started chewing
It's now one of his favorite toys. He loves that his Happy Apple and his pirate bear- golden beard who I need to get a picture so you all can see him!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

We had a lovely Valentines day hope you did too!
 I made a GIANT cake the idea is from here - but I saw it featured on a lot of different blogs.... I didn't really follow the directions... or read them... it was so close to an epic fail with the amount of things I did wrong... but somehow it all worked out in the end!
 My mom keeps telling me that I need to read directions... but so far I don't see a reason to... She also says that I can do these things because when I was little she told me I could do anything I set my mind to ... she just didn't realize how far I would take it... Sounds like she can now take credit for anything I do : P
I tortured Micah this morning with a quick photo session... Uber totally is not jazzed about this one--
HAHA! Isn't it awesome?
Micah is all get me out here... blast my legs!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Leather Fun

Well where did that week go? Sorry about that it was a long week- not bad just long and I didn't find time to update here. I would tell you about it but then you would just be bored! So instead I will show you one of the things I managed to complete!
Mum had a project (that she's yet to show you...thbt!) that involved a fair amount of left over leather- this stuff is like butter people and it smells SO GOOD! So we have been brainstorming ways to put it to good use. One of the ideas came from my Aunt who told us about Sundance Catalogs bracelets which are fun, funky...and ridiculously priced. So we went to work making our own versions---well I only made one but mum made a few so check hers out too!
 My version wraps your wrist twice - here's a shot of it not wrapped
 and  I used a heavy duty snap closure
 We used a punch to cut the holes for our designs and then used a really yummy variegated pearl cotton to stitch the design. The bead is dyed shell.
It's really soft and feels nice to wear- unfortunately I am not keeping it, it will be making it's way to see someone soon... not sure who that someone might be!

Check back for another leather project tomorrow!

To catch you up on other random news- Micah went for his 4 month check up (a week ago) and he is 15 and a half pounds and 27 inches long now! It's absolutely ridiculous how fast this kid is growing!  We were also told that we could go ahead and start introducing him to food.

 Let's just say he was not a fan. We took a video but I think this picture about sums it up!

And other fun news my Aunt Rhonda started a blog! Check her out! 

Oh and I figured out how to edit my HTML for bigger pictures (while Micah screamed at me!) I am so excited that I was able to do this! Hopefully you will all enjoy the larger images!

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's all gone... and it's not a good thing

I haven't had my hair cut since May... because I am lazy and then because of Micah. I have always felt like I should donate to locks of love... Uber asked why and really I have no idea I just thought it sounded like a nice thing to do. So anyway this is the longest my hair has been in years so it was now or never... I'd been trying to hold off for as long as possible but I can't handle it anymore Micah has been using it as a rope and I don't like to wear it up.
So anyway here's the before:
And after:
I am happy to say it's done and I will never feel the urge to do it again! And no I don't like it AT ALL I probably set myself up for that because I have been DREADING today. So for all of you that I know hate  me with short hair- I am right there with you and I promise not to do it again! I seriously feel fatter with short hair- and that's not cool to someone who still hasn't lost all of the baby weight!

I am hoping to have something more interesting up in the next few days- Super bowl kind of took over the last few days- I'm not a football fan we just do a party every year. And I have been helping someone else with their projects so maybe she will show you what we've been up to... she's totally holding out on you guys!

P.S. check out moms blog too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Boy Rolls

Micah was officially 4 months old today and to celebrate he decided it was the perfect day to start rolling back to front- I being the incredibly observant mother thought he'd already done this before... (he had stopped rolling at all for the last month, lazy boy) but when his dad got home he pointed out that he used to roll from front to back... duh! So I videoed it for you ... not his first time but the 4th time is close enough right? After figuring it out this afternoon he is refusing to lay still... guess I can't walk off an leave him anymore! Did I forget to mention that the first time he rolled over I had him on the kitchen table?! 

The video quality isn't great... but you get the idea!

Redraw for the Garland Giveaway

Unfortunately I didn't hear back from the winner of the Garland Giveaway. So lucky for you guys I picked a new winner!

Please contact me ( within the next 5 days with your mailing information or I will redraw another winner.

Thanks again for everyones participation.

** Micah's officially 4 months old today- how did that happen so fast?!*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chalkboard Paint = hours of fun

I have a few  plans to update our house this year- just fun smaller things to spice things up a little since I am home all day. The first thing I wanted to work on was our entry way which I have never really done anything with. It's pretty small so there isn't much that can be done but it went from this:
 To this:
I used chalkboard paint to make the area a little more interesting. Below the cork cork board I also put a few layers of magnet paint so now the fridge magnet letters can be used here as well. I drew birch trees on the one wall but I plan to switch it up through out the year... or really just when every I feel like a change. Also I bought chalk markers which write on the walls much better than just plain chalk and they don't come off unless you use water- so no worries about someone brushing the wall and being covered in dust. 
 This is behind the front door Mum and I found this fantastic HUGE mirror at Home Goods for a ridiculously low price- I have been looking for a mirror for here forever and hadn't found anything I loved and was affordable. The frame is really neat. And now I can get one last peak at what a mess I am before I leave the house.
 A better view of the cork board/magnet wall. That is Micah's silhouette down there, his grandparents traced him!
 So another room that has been bugging me for a while is this small half bath its very narrow which makes putting artwork on the big wall that you face when you walk in difficult because it feels like its in your personal space- Excuse the OLD photo I forgot to take a before so this is a pre new flooring photo!
 Chalk board paint now covers this wall to- so yeah i am totally embracing the writing on stall walls look in here. Weird - probably but it's a lot of fun.
 And anyone is welcome to add decorations - infact the walls are a lot more decorated now than when I took this picture. I figure I will wait until it is filled up and then think about erasing and starting over.
 Here's a view of the other side of the room. It's just impossible to get decent photos!
And if you have ever wondered  it may not seem possible but you can in fact fit 3 adults and a baby in this room.... 

I know this look wont be for every one but it has been fun for us and a quick coat of paint will put it all back to normal if I should get bored with it-- that's what I had to tell Uber when he walked in from a business trip to see half painted black walls in his house... I realized I hadn't really run the project by him... SURPRISE! But he ended up really liking it so I guess it is a good thing I forgot to ask because talking him into it would have been hard (apparently)
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