Sunday, August 30, 2009

All over the place....

Friday night I made a coffee cake that is pretty scrumptious. It's the one that Pioneer Woman blogged last week. And she wasn't kidding about eating your coffee! Very good. If you decide to make it be sure to pick a really good instant coffee because that is what the cake is going to taste like!

My grandma me a bracelet that she got for me on hers and my moms trip to Italy this spring. The beads are murano glass and she told me to feel free to restring it since it came with gold findings. So I finally made it to the bead store on Thursday and this is what I ended up making...(of course after reminding myself repeatedly I completely forgot to take a before picture) I used Sterling silver beads in varying sizes of circles and disks. I am totally loving it. I've already worn it a few times.
What happens when you ask you husband to take pictures for you? You have about two hundred shots (most of them where you are out of focus or look irritated) and only the last one he took of you goofing off looks decent... haha... anyway thanks Grandma I LOVE the beads I have already gotten compliments on the necklace!

Another thing off the to do list is this small pouch. I made it for all of my electronic accessories that need to live in my purse but don't because they always get all tangled up and then I take them out and don't have them when I need them....
It's the same pouch as my Tutorial that I sell on Etsy just shrunk down very small. I did some quick patchwork from quilt scraps and then lined it with corduroy... I love it except that I went so far as to french seam it...because of my OCD tendency's and broke 3 needles in the process one which hit me in the lip and one that shattered into my eyes... ummm... yeah anyway I didn't hurt myself permanently or anything but Uber tells me I have to wear shop glasses now while sewing... hmmmm... anyway incase you didn't know trying to french seam something very small that is patchwork and courduroy isn't the best idea...
Other then that I have been working on some new graphics for a baby shower invite I am doing and I have been punching more paper for garland... fun fun fun... We have been watching Eureka all weekend it is a really weird/quirky show - sci-fi. Oh and I finished The Time Travelers Wife. Totally read it if you get a chance it was great.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's done! I completed the binding last night. I didn't think I was going to be able to get pictures of it today but the rain held off just long enough. I am totally in love with it!
I was completely surprised how simple making and attaching the binding was, I read quite a few tutorials but the one that was most helpful for me was one by The Sometimes Crafter.
And finally a complete picture of the back. The corduroy is super soft but it made the blanket rather warm... which really wasn't the plan but it is I guess I should have known it might be like that.
I am really excited to be getting to start some new projects... and I am sure you guys will be glad to see something other then the quilt too!
I have a baby shower coming up that I need to get invites together for.
Some of you already noticed but for those of you who haven't I finally got a flickr account together. Woot!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Step 3 ... are we there yet?

16 days in and I just want to tell you this quilting thing is no joke! This is what I have looked like now for a week!!! But good news I finished up the quilting today and started making my binding tonight. Hopefully I will be wrapping up this project REALLY soon because even though I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and even still now am having fun with it (which is surprising I have a REALLY short attention span for projects) I would like to be around here more and well anywhere other then the couch!
So here it is... not sure how much you can really see the quilting... It's done in alternating brown and pink heavy duty embroidery floss. I think it has really made the peacock stand out more from the back ground. (which will be more noticeable in the last picture)
Uber and I had an awesome weekend of just being lazy and eating junk food (yes junk food... lots of junk food). The weather even cooperated and rained just like we asked so there would be no guilt in sleeping in... until noon... that isn't normal though Uber and I had a really (really, really) long week that included but was not limited to some ridiculous work hours for him and some lousy sleep for me. Hopefully last weeks annoying stuff won't drag into next week and will just all wrap up nicely for us.... pretty please!
We've been watching Royal Pains. If you haven't seen it you should check it out. It reminds me of Burn Notice... which is also awesome. I also finished 'reading' (listening) to My Sisters Keeper which was a great book which reminded me of a Nicholas Sparks book and that is all I am going to say in warning. Definitely a good read. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Well I am off to work!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Step 2

Oh my goodness! I had no idea this would take SO LONG! What was I thinking? So here is what I have been up to for the last 10 days! Decorating my perfectly good quilt top with totally unnecessarily time consuming things... like peacocks! I love it. Even uber likes it... which I wasn't expecting!
Sorry I know the color is a little washed out but I had five seconds to take these pictures so I guess be happy that I got it finished and took pictures today!

I have been wanting to do a peacock for a few weeks... ever since I was shouting up the stairs at Uber and he thought I said peacock... I don't remember what I actually said but it wasn't and had nothing to do with a peacock. But then I wanted to do something with a peacock... Maybe that was Ubers plan all along.
These are some crazy birds. I looked at hundreds of pictures while drawing up my template and they are amazing! Some have tails literally 10 feet long... talk about junk in the trunk... hahaha....

I took a little bit of artistic license because I didn't want to get too detailed...

These are what took me forever... who knew!

This little guy arrived in my mailbox Saturday! Is he not the cutest thing ever? Sherie made him. I laughed so hard when I unwrapped him. I am going to have to find an awesome spot for him!Uber's back finally - Yeah!
Ok I'm off to quilt... hopefully it won't take me 10 days again!
*edited to add* I just noticed that tomorrow is my 1 year mark for blogging... weird!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A quick peek...

So I switched out paper for fabric and started my first pieced quilt Friday night... it has completely consumed my weekend... Uber really needs to come home and rescue me from myself!

This is me Friday at midnight...

I used AMH's Garden Party fabric that my Mum sent me last year. I went back and forth on what pattern I wanted to do and ended up just going for basic squares since it was my first time and all.

Saturday morning...
Its a lap quilt size.... not sure what the exact dimensions are...
Saturday 10 am...

The backing is brown corduroy with pink polka dots
Saturday 6pm...

So you would think that I am basically done... but of course I cant just let anything be that easy. (why why why do I have this problem?) so here is a peak at what is part of the next step...
Saturday 8 pm... don't ask...
I'll be back with more later!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally done

The garland is done and up in the shop... huge sigh of relief over here! I had no idea this would take me so long to finish! Really it was the packaging's fault... I love cute packaging... and cute packaging doesn't happen quickly... but it does give me a chance to make more graphics.

So here are the finished products. There ended up being 7 ... uh yeah... enjoy!

One is already being used for a baby shower going on tomorrow! Alright I am off to do something (anything) not involving paper!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's making me happy... or was...

Since I have already told some of you about this project I am blogging about it before I am finished...I thought I would be done already so I feel bad making you wait any longer!
So I got this wild hair to make garland the other day... and boy am I making garland! I figured I would pick up just a few types of paper to try out and here they are... maybe I went a little overboard on my paper selection... since Sunday I have been punching paper and sewing...

They are totally making me happy! And since I bought sooooo much paper I am going to throw some up in the shop and see how they do... or I am going to hang them from the ceilings and freak Uber out when he comes home... speaking of which
Our guests came in Sunday night from their trip to Savannah (Uber had left that morning) and they were very entertained by the madness going on at the dinning room table and wanted to know if I was planning to do the whole house in them while Ubers gone... I guess a grown woman cutting out paper and sewing it together is a little weird...

So the frustrating part is some how my settings on Adobe Elements got all wonky and I cannot figure out how to get them back to rights. Does anyone know a way to restore default settings? Whatever I have managed to do to isn't resetting by closing out the program. Anyway if anyone can trouble shoot that would be awesome my technical support is on vacation!
I have all of this adorable packaging in mind but am unable to create the graphics. I did manage to get one done though so here's a preview

I've been thinking up fun names for what each of the garlands colors remind me of. This one's blue and green so I called it Oceanside. The garland on the label matches the colors of the garland enclosed.... is this a little obsessive? Probably but it is super cute...
Hopefully my technical difficulties will be fixed shortly and I will be able to get some of these up in the shop...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just Enough Sunshine

We finally got back out on the water today after quite a few uncooperative weekends. We almost didn't make it out after such a long week it was hard not to just sleep in. It of course was fantastic as we knew it would be. The rain and storms held off till the evening but the day was over cast and the perfect temperature to be in and on the water without being uncomfortable.

The tide was VERY low on our way out and there wasn't much wildlife
Most that we did see was flying.

How about this bird though? I still haven't looked it up to see what it is but it was HUGE I think at least up to my shoulders. The darn thing wouldn't fly off, we waited for quite a while to see if it would. A four foot tall bird has to look cool flying.
I love this photo it looks great blown up.
Uber dropped one chip in the water accidentally and there was not a bird around. Within 2 minutes 3 showed up and were very agitated wanting to get the chip. Ubers down in the corner and they were flying very close to his head. He had to splash them a few times.
My shell booty for the afternoon. I LOVE clam shells especially when you have both sides this island/jetty is the only place I have ever found any and today was a very good day for them
There were hundreds of them covering the beach, I have never seen anything like it. It looked like there were white bubbles covering the whole length of the beach.
Happy feet
We sit and eat our picnic in the water and I started feeling something tickling my feet and realized a bunch of small fishes were swarming our toes it was the funniest feeling. I told Uber maybe we were getting that new treatment the spas are doing with the fish for free.... anyway I just had to try and catch one... because that is what I do... isn't he cute? Don't worry I released him. I am wondering what kind of fish he is.
Well Uber is heading off for reserves tomorrow and we have company here at least through Monday. They have turned out to be lovely people which has been fun. I haven't gotten a single thing done though... which accounts for the lack of posting. They went off to Savannah for the weekend and I am hoping they enjoy themselves. I am going to try and get some crafting started up again tomorrow during some down time... wish me luck!

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