Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Amanda was totally up for some crafting while she was here so I taught her how to do freezer paper stenciling and we even got her all set up so she can continue when she gets back to her dorm!
We picked up some plain T's on Friday and she got busy with some sparrow designs.
How cute is that?

Next she went for a peacock! Which she was a little intimidated by but I think she did a marvelous job! What do you think?

I love the butt feathers!!!

I can't wait to see what she does with her new skills!!

While she was busy with her exact-o knife I made her a logo from some of her drawings. I have decided that everyone needs a logo!
Saturday we got the tree up and decorated. The house is decidedly more festive! I love Christmas lights!
I haven't added much to the tree since last year but I did manage to make up some garland. Its from the shell lamp I took apart last year to make my crystal lamp. I couldn't see throwing all the shells out so I kept them in a bag and finally realized they would be great for garland on the tree. They are perfect... now I just need more shells!
Oh and for a black Friday deal... Amanda got some wonderful deals but this is all I came home with (well for me anyway)!!
They're from Urban Outfitters .... you just can't resist this kind of awesomeness on sale! These suckers are HEAVY and around 3 inches tall. I just with they had done them in realistic colors.

Alright well I am off. Fair warning I may possibly disapear for a while again!


Tracy Suzanne said...

He Jessica. Great job ya'll did on the tee-shirts! I am crazy about the peacock one! WOW!!!

And your tree is so pretty. The shell garland was a great reuse.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Adie said...

Oh, I am in love with the peacock shirt!!! They all turned out awesome. :)

Great Christmas decor too!

Joan's Good Life said...

Wow! The T-shirts are fabulous! They could seriously be from some high end shop! Great job to you both!

So...what is wax paper stenciling? You should have a little tutorial on it. Or am I the only one that doesn't know this technique?

Norma's Nonsense said...

Love the shirts! And the logo! And, and, and..............you are great!

Kelly's Korner said...

The shirts are GREAT!!! You must be a great teacher! ;) That second picture (bird on back) reminds me of my tattoo. It would be funny to have a shirt with the exact tattoo in the exact place! LOL! The erasers are BIG! You could wipe out a whole..... peacock? with that!

sherie lee said...

Its so fun to get to see Amanda, knew you two would have fun, and the shirts, wow, dont know how you do it, really. Your house is beautiful, and the erasers are hysterical, would have totally bought them myself!

Jennifer said...

Love it all! I have to do freezer paper stenciling..and I love the erasers!

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