Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Etsy Update

I've been adding some things to my etsy shop- not super interesting but it's where I've been. Things take much longer now then they used to! 

Growth Charts- just the printed portion so you can decorate and finish them yourself.
I restocked the sunshine garland
and added two new versions 
 this blue one is my favorite
I have a few more that in the works... need to make a joanns run so it will probably be another year... yuck!

And here is the boy- I meant to post this picture with the video the other day as an AFTER shot he wore himself out! This was his first fall asleep while playing... I love it!
and here he is rocking his outfit from Grandma C she sent a box of awesome goodies- I need to show you the toys... they're awesome. We we're able to squeeze him in the shirt once- he's such a porker he is already up in 9 month clothing  (sometimes 12 month) but the pants will fit for a while longer.
Alright off to see what I can accomplish today!


Norma's Nonsense said...

Could that baby get any cuter! Love the sleeping picture, I want to pick him up and rock him all day. Yayyyy new Etsy items, love them. That is a cool idea with the growth chart. Love the garlands too.

Heather G. said...

I guess if you ever have a problem getting him to go to sleep, you now know where to put him!

Jennifer said...

I made a book of 1st's for Emily. This reminded me of it. I scrapbooked every little new thing she did. I love it but I do realize I went over board:) It's just so much fun to see every new thing they do! You couuld post a picture of the back of his head, blurry and too dark and he'd still be fascinating!:)

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