Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm still here...

So I'm a little behind on the whole blogging thing... I can't completely blame it on my Mums arrival but between her and Uber and Baby Uber I think I am covered on excuses... not that I need one... ahem

We have been running around like crazy people getting things done... not really things that are interesting enough to show anyone though, sorry! We just downloaded all of our random pictures from the last two weeks so you should start seeing a little more from us here shortly, once we divvy up who is posting what.

Meanwhile here are some random beach pictures from a few weeks back... I had more to show you but Uber downloaded the other pics to his computer and I have been unable to get a hold of any of them... so I am counting them as a loss at this point!

We haven't seen a lot of dolphins out this year (these are it now that I think of it) they showed up right before my camera died! I think there were about 8 of them out there but this is all I managed to capture.
What are these? They're huge and everywhere at the beach... if you zoom in their face looks like a skull... gross!
I love watching the birds at the beach
I would say one of these days I am going to regret picking up a live thing on the beach... however that day has already come and gone and I am still doing it so here's another picture!
For fun - I'm so glad I am not QUITE this huge... but I am getting close...
Things to look forward to-

More beach pictures

More fat pictures

More baby related pictures

And maybe if you are lucky more crafting pictures


Joan's Good Life said...

Jess you look fabulous! Honestly! I am so excited for you all. To be able to share this time with your parents... just wonderful! And honey, you really should stop picking up "live" things! Eeeeyooooo!


Norma's Nonsense said...

Love the pictures. Shadow Jess is very cute....
Weird spider is scary, stand back. Good to see you posting again, been missing them.

corinnea said...

You even have me touching stuff!!!! EWWWWWW!

Adrienne said...

Fun pictures, I especially like the belly-shadow picture, neat! And I think the spider is a banana spider.

Yup, I just Googled it to be sure; it's a banana spider. Those silly things get HUGE, my dad tells a funny story about a friend of his who was running through an orange grove (back when Orlando was nothing but orange groves) and ran right into a banana spider web. He had the spider--bigger than his hand--on his chest, and since he was terrified of spiders, he stood there pasty white and frozen until my dad got rid of it.

Ok, so that doesn't sound so funny, since the poor kid was scared out of his wits, but when my dad tells it, it's hilarious. I promise.

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