Sunday, April 18, 2010

I live for weekends!

We are all sorts of busy around here filling up our weekends with fun get-togethers. It was overcast this weekend but last weekend we hit the beach. We went South to a beach Beau 'found' and enjoyed an afternoon of sun and water... if it hadn't gotten cold they wouldn't have been able to make me leave!
Brinkley was mostly all I took pictures of. He isn't really sure about the whole beach thing. Over all I think he likes it but...
the water kind of freaks him out. It took us a good ten minutes to coax him into sitting and it didn't last long.
He does like rolling in the sand though.
and getting the only spot in the shade.
he didn't seem a all upset about being half buried... eventually I am sure he will love it all.
Friday night we went to the opening game of Arena football. We had awesome seats and it was very entertaining we still aren't sure the ref's actually understood the game... but watching huge guys slam each other into the walls was hysterical...especially since we were close enought to see the facial expressions...

it was a total blow out. Jacksonville stomped Orlando everyone got free Arby's sandwiches which made the guys really happy.
No all of us but the closest I have to a group shot... This is just to get Beau back for the terrible photo he posted of me on facebook!
And this is just to show you that Uber and I are far too much alike... I didn't know they had taken this picture!
Last but most certainly not least. The 'dancers' I'm still not sure they knew where they were because the only way I can describer what they were doing was erotic dancing... no really they spent a good ten minutes on the field going through rather interesting poses... you wish I was kidding!
Alright I need to go do some crafting... if I can remember what that is!


corinnea said...

It all looks like fun! (except for the nose picking part) ( oh, and the exotic dancing part)
Maybe Brink thinks the water is attacking him.... Funny he hogged the shady spot.

Jennifer said...

It's kind of gross how everything is sexual these days...maybe I'm just a prude:) You actually make me want to go to the beach! I just want to see Ava in a bikini.

Joan's Good Life said...

I guess I'm missing something. Beau seems to be spending an awful lot of time in your part of the world. And he sure is getting some long hair! As for Brink, I'm not so sure I'd want to have my bottom in water and sand either! ;-)
BTW, I got the package. I can't seem to figure out the "etsy conversation" deal. So I"ll tell you here that I LOVE the little onsie! And I didn't open the other package. I assume it's for the baby so I'll let Andrea open it. If that's okay with you. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. You are such a sweet and generous person. Thanks Jessica!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Love the pictures, it is good to see you all having fun together. Beau looks so 'different' with his long hair...goofy kid! I think you all are harassing poor Brink.... :)

KD Designs said...

Nice weekend! I am SO JEALOUS of your beach adventures! I am CRAVING the sun and sand!

sherie lee said...

I am so glad you were all there for my dancing debut, I'm the one on the far left flippin her hair!!! Love your weekends, second everyone on needing the sun and sand!

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