Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For my Cousin

Look I can still craft!

I was supposed to teach my cousin how to do freezer paper stenciling when she was here but we sort of ran out of time doing things like visiting the beach and shopping instead. So I promised her I would make her a shirt and send it later.

She decided she wanted an owl so I drew up the pattern the last night she was here (while she was doing homework...ahem) and ended up cutting out two stencils at once since I had a feeling I would never want to go through the trouble a second time (at least I am learning). So I made one for me and one for her. They aren't exactly the same though just roughly.

The branch wraps around to the back of the shirt. I did mine in brown ink. My shirt had more ribbing then I realized so there is some splitting going on. I ended up digging the look though so I decided not to fix it and just let it do it's thing.
Corrie choose a pink shirt so I used black ink on her's.

I am really stoked with the design.
Hopefully she likes it! Hopefully I get it in the mail soon!!

And for all of you who don't live near the beach here is a dolphin picture for you from the beach this weekend, we are having gorgeous weather!! The dolphin is on the right. I think it's a bird on the left. I wish I had brought a better camera with me but this will have to do! I hope you are all enjoying your versions of spring.


corinnea said...

The shirts are really cute!
Thanks for the beach picture! I think it is a second dolphin out there... We are FINALLY having real sunshine today.

sherie lee said...

Love the shirts alot! I seriously need a lesson in doing that, cor will love it! Seeing the beach pic made me want to go to the ocean so bad!

KD Designs said...

Those are COOL!!!

Jennifer said...

I need a lesson from the master too:) These are so professional!! Very unique.

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