Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet E Cake

I know 3 times in one week and it's only wednesday!! (Don't expect this to keep up!)

Another logo I have been working on. I actually designed it back in December-January but it had been put on the back burner until this week. It is for a friend in Indiana who is starting up a little cake business from home. I LOOOVVVVEEEE the name.
Here's it with a little pop of color... I just sent this version along for fun but I think it's growing on me.
I loved getting the opportunity to play with a logo that is not crafting related. Or I guess a better way to put it is I loved getting the chance to play with a logo that was food related. Makes me want to open a bakery... or on second thought maybe just visit one... hahaha.
And on a complete side note I am hanging out on our patio right now writing this post and I just looked over to see a cardinal hoping around my wanna be garden. I am SO happy summer is finally here and though I am sure it will be a long hot 6 months at the moment I am eating up every minute of outside time I can get!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Jessica. I'm not getting much online time lately but I see you've been busy. I love your design. I wish I had a clue how you do what you do. Hey that rhymed.

I LOVE the name of your friends new bakery. That is the cutest!!!!

Hugs....Tracy :)

Jennifer said...

ewwwweeeee, I loooove this!! Great job!! I love the color one.

Adrienne said...

Another great logo! You should open your own design business. Or you could some how add it to your Etsy shop. You just produce such wonderful things!

KD Designs said...

Oh that's really cool! I love the version with the color pop! Very cute design!

sherie lee said...

Perfect logo design, makes me think of beautiful cakes and pastries, yum!

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