Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love visitors!

***WARNING*** picture heavy post that may only interest family members!

Corrie got here on Monday morning and our weather decided to behave beautifully for her. I took Tuesday off and we met up with Beau and Mason (Beau's room mate that I am sure you will be seeing more of around here... better picture of him farther down in the post)
Brinkley is VERY over being confined to his leash on the beach. Beau is being slow about getting him a longer leash so he can really enjoy the water. Even though the weather was gorgeous the water is still very cold.
Adorable Corrie!

We walked a little and then popped a squat until we were all sufficiently pink!
Wednesday night we went to see Ingrid Michaelson and Mat Kearney perform at the Florida Theatre (poor Uber had school). It was a fantastic concert Corrie wanted to see Ingrid and Beau wanted to see Mat. I personally was just excited to go out and hear live music. I don't keep up with specific artists I just like music but it turns out I liked a lot of their music already I just didn't know it was theirs.

Here's both the bands, plus the girl(s) who opened the show Cara Salimando. They all sang together at the end. If you get a chance to see them in concert I would definitely jump at it. Ingrid was very funny, had a great stage presence and was also very nerdy which is completely endearing.
Thursday was bit overcast but Uber took Beau and Corrie out kayaking.
They both enjoyed it. Which is good because we were planning on dragging Beau out with us whether he liked it or not!

We went down to Saint Augustine yesterday.
Goofed off at the fort.
And then headed back up to the pier in Jacksonville to goof off a little more before finally going home so Corrie could finish up homework.

But not before bugging a few birds...

This one did NOT like Beau he was having none of him scooting closer to him.

We got Corrie dropped of at the airport this morning. We had planned on going out to the beach and hitting up an antique store I keep forgetting about but the weather got a lot colder today so instead I dragged Uber to Lowes to buy new plants !!!! My FAVORITE thing to do!
Brinkley is staying with us this weekend and he has finally decided he does like going out the back door (before it was torture you had to force him through the door and then he would cower the whole time he was outside) This morning I walked out back and was sliding the door shut and he came barreling towards the door to follow me and ran smack into the glass. It was really funny... but not.
Anyway he sat and watched us the whole time we worked. What a dorky dog.
I am SOOOO happy spring is here.


Joan's Good Life said...

Man! Ya'll look like ya'll had the best time! Considering the fact that ya'll are in "florida". Anyhow, it was great seeing pic's of Beau and Brinkley. Those two are goof's that our family has missed being around. Oh, you too! ;-) It was great to see ya'll together. And it was really nice seeing your cousin. Thanks for posting such fun pic's of your fun times!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Jessica. Great pictures girl. It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. I didn't even know Ingrid Michaelson was in town. I love, love, love her music, not that I can name anything but I know it when I hear it and love it.

Your bougainvillea looks great and is going to be so pretty. I had 3 huge ones for several years and this years frost killed them. What a weird cold year.

Thanks for sharing your fun. Have a beautiful Sunday. Hugs...Tracy

corinnea said...

Thanks for that post!!! We miss you guys lots. Love Beau's long hair! I think a family reunion is in order!

Jennifer said...

I'm not family but I enjoyed your pictures:)

KD Designs said...

I'm glad you got to hang out with your cousin! i enjoyed your photos too! I have been thinking about plant shopping too. I need color in my life!!! That story about Brinkley is so funny!

normasnonsense said...

Love love love seeing the pictures. Miss you all so much. Took me awhile to realize why Beau looked so different, the longer hair! Glad you all had a wonderful time. Oh, and love the gardening!

sherie lee said...

My computer cookies were set wrong and couldn't comment, why do computers have cookies anyways??? Cor had such a wonderful time with you all, she seriously did not want to come home, thanks for giving her such a special week!

Patty said...

Aww what a sweet family! Glad you guys had a good time ;)

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