Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gifts for me!

Sherie sent me this guy for christmas. He is totally cracking me up.
This is what you expected right?!? I think his name is Bub... he's not sure about it though.
Gram sent me this. Totally digging it! She forgot to take a picture for her blog so I get to show you!!
It has been FREEZING here! Literally. All my plants are dead... moo. We recieved a care package (WOOT!) from some of our friends in St. Louis to help us get through.
Freaking scrumptious let me tell you!! He roasted it himself. And I fully plan to make him show me how to do this when we see him again. Better not tell me it's a family secret! Thank you guys!! I love it all!

P.S. John you can send me more anytime.
P.S.S Sherie I want something I can wear and show off! Please. How about a cardigan? Mum says you pull beatiful things out of your butt... so search around for me k?


corinnea said...

Dear Sherie, I did not say you pulled things out of your butt. I said it was LIKE you pulled things out of your butt. That is totally different and a compliment. The first version is just gross.
Coffee, Yum!

Norma's Nonsense said...

Your pictures are so funny!! I knew you would have fun with him. Glad you like the wrapped basket. Roasted his own beans? I need to know how too! BTW, love your white & black sockies!

Adie said...

Love your closing sentiment. Hilarious. :)

And great goodies, gotta love care packages.

sherie lee said...

You and your mom crack me up! I seriously needed the laugh I got from your comments this am. Glad you like the fish, he just sort of happened, have no idea how, I just knew he would make you laugh! And i would love to make you a cardigan, but really, need to know about colors, neutral, dark, bright??? Have just the pattern in mind, and it did'nt come from my butt, but it came from someone else's!

KD Designs said...

Bub is very cute! Totally looks like something that was missing from your life! :)

jennifer parrish said...

You look like Colin in one of the photos- exactly like him! Bub is adorable:)

MaynardG said...

Glad it got there okay, and while it was still cold out. I was hoping it wouldn't get delayed by any snow or ice, though most of that happened up here. I can show you how to do it, but be warned, it comes with a curse, in that you may never settle for any coffee other than your own. Make sure Matt get's a fair share. ;)

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