Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last night while grilling out we met some new neighbors, Uber spotted and I of course had to catch... who can resist a face like that?
Gertrude apparently lives in the jasmine/under the grill. I was thrilled to find her because I have been hoping for a frog for a very long time. Apparently it took getting rid of the lizards to have one move in... if I had only known sooner!
Then Uber realized there was not one but two! So I made him hold Gerty and I caught Bert... he was a bit more mischievous and feisty!

I can't wait to see if they really stick around I tucked them back into the jasmine so hopefully they weren't too upset about the photo shoot. I wish more animals were like frogs... except the peeing part....

We were going to go kayaking but rain was in the forecast so we slept in and made breakfast. YUM! We felt kind of bummed because the weather was gorgeous and sunny outside.
So we headed out to the beach for a long walk. It was low tide and the beach was huge and there were a bunch of shells, but more interesting then that was the sky.
The clouds were out of control.
Especially this one that was followed by many, many more just like it. We completed our walk just in time for the sky to open up.

This evening we helped a friend move. This was forming the whole time but we thought we were going to beat it.

Not quite though the rain started on our second trip.... and the flooding...

This is us going through a very large puddle... which was fun... of course is wasn't our stuff in the back of the truck... it all made it through ok, just a little damp.

All together a relaxing day ended with yummy Mexican food, and the discovery of a Greek restaurant which we will be checking out very soon.
I will hopefully have a new crafting item to show you tomorrow. I finished another growth chart I just need the weather to cooperate so I can get some photos. I really wish I had more completed projects like Mum has managed but this week has been very long and not all together successful in many ways, I seem to get only an hour in the evenings to work and that is just not enough to see any real progress. Well I'm off to bed since I am currently falling asleep while typing!


corinnea said...

Please give your new amphibian neighbors my regards. Your jasmine is a beautiful spot to pick!

Yummy clouds, wish I were there. Wicked flooding rain, had that here Friday night on my way from work too!

Love YOU!

Jenny P. said...

you should make them a little house. a mushrom house.

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