Sunday, July 19, 2009

Newest Chart = New Style

I am totally digging this next batch of charts this one is finally completed and I am so excited to share. Since being challenged with custom orders I have had to branch off and paint some new animals which ended up being tons of fun... and I think much better than my original charts. I think these will better grow with the child since they don't look quite so baby-ish. However, since they are more detailed I have raised the prices on these just a little. Hopefully no one will mind since they are all hand painted and assembled.

Here's my new and improved Dragonfly. He is totally cracking me up... I love his eyeball.

The monkey which you've all seen before.

And the tree frog...
I finally figured out something new on etsy (I am so slow). They give you the largest width your picture can be and I always figured that it was the largest length as well... apparently not you just have to stay under 250kb file size it can be as long as you want other then that. I now have new pictures of all the growth folios up that are nice and large so you can see the whole chart up close. Did everyone else know this but me?!?
I am off to try and accomplish more crafting. Wish me luck!


corinnea said...

I love the new stuff!!! You are a terribly clever girl, barring the not knowing stuff about etsy and such... ha ha just kidding. Love you!

Jenny P. said...

I truely envy your drawing ability! Really nice job:) I'm happy you're getting special orders.

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