Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art Walk and the Beach

Saturday we went to check out one of the Art Walks that goes on in Jacksonville. I have heard about quite a few but they all seem to go on at inconvenient times (for me). This one is newer and is on Saturday which fits into my schedule!

It's held under one of the large bridges downtown on the river. In the area right on the water they have a stage and terraced seating. It's a fantastic setup which is saying a lot because that just doesn't seem to happen around these parts! Also if you are wondering you can't hear the traffic above.

Along with the art vendors they have a small farmers market, which was pretty nice by our standards. The cantaloupes were from Florida and scrumptious!

REAL fresh bread- YUM! (yes as opposed to the fake kind...)

Florida didn't disappoint and provided us a short torrential down pour for our afternoon... we took advantage and ate pulled pork and french fries and while listening to the music

Here's the view.

There were a couple of really neat vendors there that I might have to stop back by (Ubers groaning!)
Monday we FINALLY got out to the beach. I like to spend my time catching animals and making who ever is with me take pictures...

This guy was funny he REALLY wanted that fish... we were getting in his way

I don't know what this is exactly but it was squishy!

Mum takes great pictures doesn't she?

Yawning life guard

Searching for pretty shells and sharks teeth... We love to search for teeth I will show you our haul later!

Mum is so cute!

This pictures make me laugh every time. 'nough said.
Monday evening we went went out to dinner with some friends at the beach.
I would just like to show you that my Mum abuses me...and I have evidence
Okay well maybe it is because I did this to her....
This is the only one that turned out of us (me) not goofing off.
Uber and me... this could be a cute picture...
Are we sensing a theme?

Yeah, I'm not either.

Here's the only decent shot... and he doesn't like it. Ah well.

So my goal is to stop making so many faces when the camera is pointed at me... : (
Also note for all of you wanting to know what crafts we were up to. The skirt I am wearing is one Mum made for me. The pattern is the wrap skirt from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and the fabric is Art Gallery Fabric by Patricia Bravo, French Riviera Collection and I love love love the fabric. I am sure Mum will give you more of the specifics as to her changes to the pattern since she is the one who sewed it. All I have to say is I LOVE IT! It is very comfortable! She made one too so check back and eventually I will get to pictures of that!


corinnea said...

Dear Jessica, goals are important. Goals about not making faces cause it might freeze that way, not licking your mom cause it's icky and she screams, not biting people even though they may deserve it at the time...... yes, goals are very important. Love, Mum

Norma's Nonsense said...

LOVE seeing all the pictures. I can tell you all where having an amazing time together. Love the skirt, love that style of skirt. You two look so cute. Post more please. And, forget goals, that's what I'm saying.

Joan's Good Life said...

Okay, I want to say Goals are important, but I'm going to say... forget goals! (licking your mother is waaay too hilarious to stop doing!) [Sorry Corinnea ;-)]

Jess, you actually impressed me with the art walk. I can't believe they have something like that in florida. From your description, it almost sounded decent! But then I do recall you tend to over exaggerate at times...
just saying... ;-)

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