Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some crafting and an Etsy update

I finally posted some new things in the shop and I thought I would give you a peek here too. This is my newest growth folio with an owl theme (and MUSHROOMS!)... I am totally loving it. The owls were suggested by a friend who is interested in having a chart made, she was telling me how she is planning to decorate her daughters room (they are moving soon) and I loved the idea so I went ahead with it... and of course added a little more. Why didn't I think of doing owls sooner?! The chart is loosely based on the pottery barn kids Brooke bedding.
So while Mum was busy making me the skirt I was commissioned to decorate some onesies for Kara whose shower Mum missed because she was visiting me. I had such a blast with this I listed the designs in the shop.

This one by far is my favorite! I almost didn't let her take it ... but since I can make another I figured I would be nice!
This is ubers favorite and I also LOVE this one. They're barrel of monkeys!

A silhouette of a black-handed spider monkey...I know totally obvious right?

and lastly a rhino... wouldn't a very small one of these be SOOO cute as a house pet?
I just went and looked at all the onesies you guys made and they are SO cute... though I am confused by the octagon one?!? Anyone want to explain? What a lovely and thoughtful bunch of gifts! I love seeing baby showers with handmade items. The nursery is great!


Jenny P. said...

octagon: wrestling ring? but I think there was also a wrestler named now I'm not sure either.

Those onesies are sooooooooooooo stinkin cute! If you were here you'd hear me yell how freakn cute they are!And the growth charts are adorbale! Me like mushrooms:)

corinnea said...

You are genious and that's a fact.

Kelly's Korner said...

Holy cow!!! Those are amazing!!!

Adie said...

UFC--Ultimate Fighting Championship. They fight in an octagon.

Love the onesies!

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