Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Master Bedroom

Uber was nice enough to help me make a headboard while he had a few days off with the holidays. I LOVE it! I finally (5 years later) feel like we have a complete master bedroom!
Here's a reminder of the before with the new side tables

And here is the after!
I went back and forth on buying verse DIYing and finally after looking everywhere I decided I just had to try it myself. I was amazed at the high prices in the stores and the not so great quality! Plus I wanted a bed skirt that matched to make it look completed since our room is a little small for the whole bed frame thing.
The nail head trim was key for me- it took a few hours but I think it was totally worth it!
And a not so great shot of the bed skirt.
So the project break down:
Fabric- $55 -6 yards of Coffee Divesitex Whitney Linen/Rayon Blend...
Joanns-$15 -2 yards of kona cotton to finish off the back, and 2 yards of 90" muslin for bed skirt
Foam and upholstery batting- $50.80 - I am so happy with this company! I completely recommend them to anyone needing quality foam. They had excellent and fast customer service. I told them what I was making and they told me what I needed (and their recommendation saved me money!) Shipping was fast and inexpensive- it's part of the total above!
Home Depot-67.48 - this included the 2x4's, sheet of mdf, bolts to attach headboard to bedframe, screws, wood glue, and a ton of upholstery tacks!

So total is $188.28 for the headboard and bedskirt- not bad!

and here is Micah with his Uncle... just because the photos made me laugh! He is not into babies so it's fun to make him hold Micah!! Micah finds him very interesting to watch but not so much on being held by him... I think it has to do with Beau holding him completely awkward I know they'll be good buddies when he gets a little older... and doesn't randomly spit up/poop!


Joan's Good Life said...

The headboard looks great! The whole Master hast turned out wonderfully and it looks all "put together". Great vision.

I LOVE the pic's of Micah and Beau! It's been so long since I've seen a decent photo of Beau. The two together is so sweet. Thanks Jess.

Jennifer said...

It's gorgeous! I love the color of that linen. It's stunning! And perfect in your room.

Adrienne said...

Awesome job on the headboard! It definitely completes the look in your room.

And I had to laugh at those pics of Beau with Micah-- he does look a bit awkward. ;)

Kelly's Korner said...

The headboard is awesome! I love how it looks! And I'm so glad you went ahead and put that whole awkward comment right out there on the table so we didn't have to all skirt around it in our comments! Hahahahaha! Beau will definitely been the way cool, fun, take you on all the death defying adventures kind of uncle! :)

Corinnea said...

Love the way your room turned out!! Mine next!

Oh my dear awkward Beau.....

sherie lee said...

Think your bedroom is really beautiful, the nail head trim around the headboard makes it look like something out of pottery barn, may have to tackle one of these! The pic of those two boys is really just the sweetest thing, think beau is wondering about how long till he can hold a nerf gun!

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