Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Color Book and Smelly fish

I finished Micah's Color Book. Which has been on my long term to do list forever -- it really wasn't in my plans to make it now but I had time to raid Mums scrap bags so it moved itself to the top of the list! Mum tried to show me paper piecing which is really cool... but I ended up trying to use too many different pieces and being new to the process I ended up being lazy and gave up.

Here's all of the pages before I put the book together

And here it is put together. It's turned out pretty large I think it's about 7x8" and somewhere between 2-3" thick.
I embroidered the front page for texture and hand stitched each page to the cover.
I LOVE the way the spine turned out!
The color names are freezer paper stenciled
And I tried to do something different and funky with each patchwork page
I also tried to have some sort of texture fabric on each page.

I am really happy with how it turned out... especially since I didn't start this with any sort of plan I just let it evolve as I worked on it.
So I realized yesterday that I hadn't shown you all this awesome hat Sherie knit. Micah has the coolest aunt!
I mean who doesn't need a fish eating their head?
I think the one above will go in his photo album!
And this one is Ubers favorite. He's not super steady in his bumbo seat yet his daddy's been working on it with him... don't worry he is heavily supervised when we put him in it - Micah not uber... though I do tend to supervise his dad too!


sherie lee said...

These pics totally made my day!

Kelly's Korner said...

HEY THERE'S A FISH ON HIS HEAD!!!! Wow! That hat is way cool! And that book it totally awesome! I love the spine too! Great job!!!

Corinnea said...

I love the book. Love. Love. Love.

The fish hat still kills me. My sister is genius I tell you!!

Jennifer said...

that hat is awesome!! The big red lips are the best!! And the book is too cool for words! Did you put some crinkly plastic (shopping bag) in between at least one of the pages? babies love the crinkle! How many embroidery threads do you usually use when doing your split stitch? I need some lessons.

Norma's Nonsense said...

The book turned out perfect, I like the way it went together. And the baby boy is just so yummy, no wonder the fish is trying to eat him!!!!! Love the pictures,.

TheBlackForrist said...

Such a cool project! I hated making my fabric book, but you are WAY craftier than I could ever hope to be. Great job! AND the fish... oh my, that's a cute hat! And I must say, a cuuute boy too!

Jessica said...

That book turned out really well! Do you think you could make it into a tutorial and guest post it over on my blog?! If not that one, I would love to have you do a project soon!
(I'm Savannah's new husband, Tim's, cousin)

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