Monday, January 19, 2009

Where I've been... well kind of

We headed out to Atlanta this weekend to visit family and pick up my new dinning table *YEAH* we had a cold snap this last week see all of the treacherous ice on the car?? BRRR!!!

The family we went to see is Uber's cousin and wife. This is a cat who adopted them and I just had to show you it's face. love it!

On Sunday we went into downtown Atlanta and bummed around saw the CNN Center and did the World of Coke Tour. And if any coke representatives are scouring the Internet for mentions I would just like to let you know you really could have done better.

Here is Uber and his family... this is the only picture of them that I got (oops!) People think we all look alike.... we just don't really agree... though they are totally cute!
Here's Uber getting ready for his 4d experience.

Here's me struggling (this is what I do)

Here's the best part of this place. The BEAR oh my goodness I totally wanted to take this guy home. His face is animated so he could change his expression and blink. It was AWESOME. This is the best costume I have ever seen!!
The tasting room was a zoo. You could taste all 67 drinks produced by coca cola. Apparently some of them are just foul, though I took peoples word for it.

The Table -Thanks MUM!! I LOVE IT!! Though it is taking some getting used to since it is such a MAJOR change for the room. It's the tavern table from ZGalleries.

It's a narrower table then usual which is something I was looking for and is distressed but not country looking. It came with two 18" leafs, which will most likely never be used while we are in this house. (this thing gets HUGE)

Since I was taking pictures I thought I would show off the rest of the downstairs. This is for you Sherie since you said you hadn't seen any pictures of the house.
The kitchen (with a sneak peak for mom).

The dinning room.

The living room.
So now you've seen it!


corinnea said...

I can see why people say you look alike.... there are similarities that would be fun to point out..

The bear is very cool! Could people really drink that many samples????

LOVE your table! Don't thank us, we just helped it along. It looks great, just as you pictured it.

LOVE the kitchenaide cover! Yours is so much prettier than any I saw. Wish the linen weren't so expensive for you to get.... Now I know and it makes it easier. Really nice Jess!I don't see any of the funky seams I was talking about....

Joan's Good Life said...

Eeeyew, 67 samples of carbonated sugar? Blech! But the bear sounds super cool.

And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your table! And I must say I feel the same about your house. You've done a wonderful job with your place. You've certainly got your mothers eye for decorating!

And that is certainly a nice cover on the kitchenaide. I've been looking for one for ever and now I think I may have to just break down and attempt to make my own. I like the style of yours. Hmmmm.......

Kelly's Korner said...

Ok, Coke in general is nasty, so 67 different kinds of it?!? Ew! But doesn't Coke make Sprite? That's yummy.

Your house is pretty! I LOVE the table! Good choice!

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