Sunday, October 25, 2009

A full weekend!

We headed up to Jekyll Island in Georgia Saturday morning for a beach side wedding. It was an beautiful morning and an absolutely beautiful wedding.

You can't beat a beautiful blue sky, the ocean and an empty beach as your backdrop.
The only decorations were sunflowers lining the aisle.

How great is that?
After the wedding we played tourist around the island. They have a Sea Turtle conservatory so of course we checked that out! They were having a Turtleween event so there were also birds and reptiles there with handlers.
My favorite bird was the barn owl. Isn't he gorgeous? He looks exactly like my favorite owl on the last growth chart I did. I really wanted to take him home!

This hawk was really funny. He kept trying to take flight because he wanted to eat the kite (another bird) that they had with them.
This one was Ubers favorite! He liked his yellow eyes. All of these birds are not releasable.The owls imprinted on humans and now can't survive on their own and the hawk is visually impaired.
Now to the turtles!! Look at this little guy!!
This girl was my favorite turtle because of her coloring she was about 100 pounds -
I know it doesn't look like it! She was supposed to be release already but she got too stressed out when they attached her tracking device and now they have to wait till the water gets warmer.

Another fun thing I dragged Uber to the hospital this morning to check out Everly Grace. She was born last night via an emergency C-Section. Her and her mom are doing fine though. She is a very beautiful baby!!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Jessica. You always take such nice photos. Thanks for sharing. I love Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. What nice weather for a simply beautiful wedding.
Have a great week...Tracy :)

Adie said...

Oh, I like the little barn owl too, he's adorable! And the baby sea turtle is adorable. :)

Adie said...

Wow...I said "adorable" twice...I guess I'm not awake yet this morning?

Norma's Nonsense said...

Great pictures! A wedding on the beach, how beautiful! LOVE the owl, remind me to tell you about the baby owl we had in the house once. They are sooo cute. Looks like a fun weekend.

corinnea said...

How fun! I love the turtles, well and the owls and just everything. Can we go??

insanely crafty said...

Adie- I think adorable works twice here!! Lol

Mum- Yes we can go we were planning on it!

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