Sunday, March 15, 2009

I keep getting distracted by the sun

We have had an absolutely gorgeous weekend here. It was supposed to be overcast and possibly rainy but we have had nothing but sunshine... I even got burnt a little yesterday out at the driving range... Every year I forget how fast the Florida sun will do that to you.
We are relaxing out on the deck for the second Sunday in a row. It's SO nice. There is a very short time here where comfortable deck sitting can happen and somehow last year we missed all of it so I am going to try and make up for it this year! Uber is getting his homework done and I am finally getting back here to say hi (even though I am supposed to be sewing right now)

Speaking of sewing I have a custom order that needs to go out within the week for a Kitchen Aid cover which is my first priority but then after that is done I picked up this fabric last week and I am SO in love with it. The AMH print on the left I got to make a table cloth out of but unfortunately the print isn't centered so I don't think it will look right so I am scrapping that plan(which I am kind of bumming about) and I am going to use it for two new pillows for the living room. The Cotton print (by Alexander Henry) I just TOTALLY fell in love with and it was supposed to be for pillows in the living room but now that I am using the other print I am thinking about making this into a skirt... of the twirly variety. Let me know if you think this is a bad idea... I only have 1.5 yard so it might not even be enough... I don't make clothing so I don't know!

I finally got around to yanking up all of my dead plants yesterday and we ran to Lowe's for replacements. This Hydrangea is to replace a bougainvillea at our front door. The are supposed to do awesome with morning sun and shade .... this front faces the west BUT it gets virtually no sun because of how the entrance is situated so I am hoping that one-ish hour of afternoon sun will be fine for it... if not it will go to the back yard. I've always wanted one of these hopefully it works. The bougainvillea wouldn't bloom here at all.

I am on my third plant in the front planter hopefully this one takes! It's Mexican Heather and I am hoping I never have to plant another thing in this spot... or mulch for that matter ... hopefully it's as hardy as it promises. It sits below a white Crape Myrtle so I think it will be a pretty combination
My strawberry plant is doing awesome
I ate my first berry today! Looks like there will be a lot more.
I finally have my herb garden collected. Two different types of Basil, Cilantro, Chives (if they decided to grow never done them from seeds) and three varieties of peppers for Uber.
I am also doing tomatoes - I am very excited about this ! I ended up making my own upside pot instead of buying one... I think it turned out awesome (and prettier). I ended up doing two varieties the one on the bottom is a patio tomato that should have 2 inches fruit and the one on top is a grape tomatoes which is 1 inch fruit. We will see how it goes...

The rest of my plants I am waiting on to see if they are going to come back or not ... I am going with not but I will give them one more month. I am going to be moving to all container gardening With such a small growing space I think this will help... that way when a plant gets too large I can rearrange it and not have to cut it back. Plus when we have storms I will be able to bring them all in so they aren't damaged. We are playing with the idea of paving out planting area which I am excited about because I hate bark ... one of our neighbors did it and it looks lovely!

Here's a sneak peak at what HAS been taking up all of my time and keeping me from here. I put together a tutorial this last week to make this little bag. Mum is looking it over for me and once she has tried it out and made sure it's understandable I will be putting it up for everyone. I really just think these are so fun to make. So I am hoping you all will too.

Well I need to get to it I think I have procrastinated enough for one day!


Kelly's Korner said...

I don't want to hear about your sunny porch sitting! Keep that to yourself! LOL!

Loving the little bag tutorial project! I think it will be great!

corinnea said...

I wasn't jealous of your sun yesterday but today I am again! Spring has GOT to come someday.

Love the fabrics. Promise I'll try the tutorial soon. Can't wait to get my bag!

Jenny P. said...

I really want to wear capri's outside...and flip flops..

I will definilty be making the tutorial!! Love the bags a lot!

Mary said...

I'm sooo jealous of your beautiful weather and all the cool things you're making. If you promise the bag pattern is dummy proof, I'm going to have to buy one to =-)

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