Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things I'm loving

Walking on the beach and watching the birds get their dinner. They are crazy by the way just flying along peacefully and then nose diving straight down into the water. They made me laugh.

Making it to the car right before it starts to rain.

completing an organization project one closet = one hutch. I am loving this!

Trying something new. Well it wasn't an ACTUAL butcher we are still scouting for one of those but I am still excited to have a freezer full of meat for only $70 you can see some of what is in there but let me tell you it is way more meat then I could get at Publix for that price I should add it up to see the comparison but I haven't. It will be saving me alot of money though considering all the Publix meat I buy goes bad the next day (NO joke!!!)

Here's the first meal from the trip chicken with red potatoes, shallots, thyme, salt and pepper and a little bit of oil in the oven 400F for 1 1/2 hours... OH MY GOODNESS it was scrumptious. So far I am VERY happy with the meat. I am weird about meat (that is putting it lightly) this chicken had NO nasty poultry smell NONE it was juicy and just good. I think I may finally be appreciating chicken! (sorry mom)

Alright I am off to finish cleaning my house... I keep getting sidetracked with organizing and I have people coming over tomorrow and baking to do!!!


corinnea said...

I miss the beach!!!!!

If he is not a real butcher then what is he? Dinner looks great, sorry I missed it!

insanely crafty said...

it's more like a direct distributor for the meat they only sold meat and it is fresh but they weren't cutting it up in the back

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