Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

I love three day weekends! We had a lot of fun and managed to pack in 3 barbeque's and 2 fireworks shows... did I take any real pictures? Of course not! But here is a quick one from last night that I snapped with my cell phone. Fireworks at the beach! They put on a fantastic show and hopefully they didn't burn any holes in the pier this year!
While cleaning out my cell phone pictures I also found this one. I took it on my way out to California from the airplane. We had to fly around a massive storm (we could see it for a good 3 hours) and the clouds were going crazy with lightening. I really wished I had a better camera with me at that point, I think it still looks pretty neat though.
random chickens.... my cousin and I found these running around my aunts neighborhood one evening... we should have 'rescued' them, they were definitely loose from someones yard. We chased them around for a while trying to get a picture. They weren't scared of us though!
Alright well I am off. I hope every one's holiday weekends were fun!

1 comment:

corinnea said...

Ours was as fun as massive amounts of studying can bring.... no really we had some nice moments too, well, mostly just today.. cept I did almost finish something for you.

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