Monday, September 22, 2008


We had an early breakfast with Kris's family and then headed in to Manhattan for church which was lovely a smaller group but boy could they sing! Love that! I have been here for a day trip before and we had hit up a lot of the touristy spots so I was cool with being a little more low key. I got to experience the NY Subway and I can pretty much sum that up with YUCK! They have nothing on the German transit systems!!! Had to take a picture of this.
Makes you feel good huh? Take a deap breath! It wasn't working though let me tell you because I saw a huge rat on the tracks… it was too fast for a picture but I tried!! I was very excited to exit- it was ridiculously stifling down there! Kris kept joking about NY being built on top of hell… or something like that… sorry if I quoted that wrong… (he can say that he is from there… kinda…well for the purpose of this story anyway)We came up to walk through Central Park a little, I think I would like this more in the winter time there were just a bit too many bodies out. We had a drink at Tavern on the Green. Apparently this is a thing to do. It was pleasant and the perfect way to cool off!
I love the architecture and all of the old buildings squished inbetween the new ones. The detail work is great.

We walked by this church building just as service was letting out… that robed guy has to be HOT!! (robed guy… he's under the pope.. how about a father?? a minister… ok drawing a blank… I really should know this one!)

I hadn't seen Time Square on my previous trip so we walked through here and goofed off the streets were all closed from a concert so we took a lot of pictures!

We got a hot dog… cause they said I had to… I let uber eat most of it.
We popped into the M&M store… to cool down… not sure why we chose that store I think because it was there.
What are these two doing you ask? I have no idea...
Kris bought some candy …chocolate on a hot day… this about sums it up!
We were hungry by this time so we went in search of a German restraunt Kris had been to a few times and said was good… we (finally) found it about 4 and got some yummy grub. They weren't serving the dinner menu yet … much to our annoyance… so we decided to stick around until 6 and order …. again. HA! Stephanie was able to meet up with us here so we just ended up staying there all evening… enjoying hanging out and tormenting Stephanie with (far too many) random stories about home. We ended up spending roughly 6 hours in this restraunt… in Manhattan… we aren't very good tourists! … also unfortunately no group photo… what were we thinking… !? it's no like we didn't have the time!!!
It was a fun day in a neat city. We will definitely be visiting again. I don’t think I could ever live there visiting it for a day every few years is definitely enough! I need space! I need air! This wraps up my posts on the trip… hope it wasn't too painful… Uber got back home fine. I will be posting some crafty stuff tomorrow!


corinnea said...

You guys are such dorks! Wish I were there dorking with you! Love ya....

Jenny P. said...

How far away from you is this? I didnt' realize you were so close. This so cool you get to do this!

insanely crafty said...

This was all one weekend we are about a 4 hour flight from New York. Oh and I just realized I meant to give Jenny P. credit for the collaged photo look. SORRY!

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