Monday, September 22, 2008


We headed up to Connecticut to hang out with Kristen for the weekend (about a 45 min drive). Which means a guaranteed blast. We stayed at his Dad and Helen's house which was wonderful, just the kindest people especially since we totally crashed their house! His dad has so many cool artifacts everywhere! He actually has this really neat print of the Statue of Liberty that he let the Museum at the base of the statue borrow for quite a few years… How cool is that?!?! And we got to see it all close up in his living area! It was fun to look at everything I don’t know why I didn't take any pictures of it … but that may have been rude! Anyway we really didn't make a whole lot of plans just to have fun we spent the morning driving around looking at the ridiculously huge houses which Kris says is what Connecticut is all about.

Then we had a snack and wandered around the Maritime Aquarium. Which was very cute! They had a petting area for the Skates… so you know I had to have a turn! Move out of my way small children!

I liked the Seals… Especially when Kris and Matt were hanging over 'looking' at them and one of the employees walks over to inform them that they need to be careful because 'what do you think your little fingers look like to the animals, SARDINES! They would have no problem jumping up to their hieght and biting them?!?! WHAT?!?! Why do they let you get close enough for that?! And where are the signs warning of eminent danger!!!

Do they look worried? I don't think so! But they did back up a little. HA

They were pretty stinking cute though! Huh?

These frogs were CREEPY I mean really… This one just opened its mouth A LOT I know it is a little blurry but the open mouth thing was wierding me out I just had to take a picture!

Apparently that fat one can go for a ridiculously long time without eating… I wonder how small he can get if he doesn't eat and if the skin gets in the way of him jumping… or how about does this frog even move…ever… I mean look at the size of that thing!!! Can you imagine finding this thing on your door step?!?! I think I would leave it alone!

I know this doesn't look like it but it is alive and huge! I dont know how the picture turned out this well! It doesn't even look like it is in water... wierd

We were going to eat out that night but decided to BBQ at home instead-- which was AWESOME… why you ask?!?! Because we went and bought lobsters!!!
I know I am not supposed to play with my food but COME ON it is ALIVE …. We massaged its head to 'hypnotize' it and make it feel better about its impending doom… I am pretty sure it worked…

Just because...

Yeah we are nerds....

Meet Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner… or just the yummy trio….

We had steaks and corn as well so we cooked the lobster outside… Farewell my lobster friends! (I got to go first)

Oh! Kris's turn!!!

his folks don’t think we are weird or anything …. taking pictures of the whole experience

Tell me you don’t want to reach in and take a bite of one of these!!!!

Alright have you had enough of that?!!? Connecticut rocks by the way….


corinnea said...

Oh man it was fun seeing you guys have such fun!!! Everyone looks great!

Lobsters..... yummmmmmmmm.

Mary said...

I love lobsters, but eating them is much more enjoyable when you don't have to be the one to cook them. I'm glad to read that you treated them well before eating them.

Kelly's Korner said...

So you went to an aquarium ... and then ate lobster ... hmmm ...

just kidding! Looks like fun!

Jenny P. said...

that octopus photo is so cool yet sooo gross! You guys look like you have fun all the time!

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