Monday, October 17, 2011


This was our first family vacation - Uber and I have spent every other vacation visiting family- not that that is a bad thing our family happens to live in some awesome places. This trip is the farthest I've ever visited into the 'middle' of the states, I've been all over the coasts but the furthest inland before this was Atlanta.... which isn't saying much! 

It was very pretty - and we saw a LOT of it! We logged a little over 1800 miles this trip and Micah was awesome about it. 
The first full day we were there was raining so we got to know the area we were staying in. Which just happened to be where the largest tree house is... I think it was somewhere over 6000 sq ft... and creepy as all get out. 
 This is the less creepy side of the monstrosity. It's being built by a priest and the place could totally have a horror movie filmed in it
 Group shot at the top - to the left you can just make out the end of Jesus mowed into the lawn with a huge cross
 In addition to a church/cathedral-ish area there were a good 20 of these carved people hanging out. It definitely made you a little worried in a few place whether you would make it out again. 
 I am not sure I would say I recommend it but if it is raining and you have nothing better to do it's definitely special!
 We spent a day hiking (2.5-3 miles) in Fall Creek Falls. Very pretty.
 It claimed to have the highest fall east of the Rocky Mountains. I am sure in the spring these falls are a bit more treacherous but we had a blast climbing all over them  
Here we are at the 'biggest' fall
 Millikan's Overlook- reminded me of a mini Yosemite 

 Great Smokey Mountains (hills) National Park this was a nice relaxing day.  We spent most of the day driving Cades Cove Loop- the scenery was gorgeous. And just did a small 2 mile hike which I wont bother you with pictures of. 
 We did the loop because I was told we would see bears- and we did! We saw the bottom right one first he was a cub! I totally wanted to pet him! (haha) we drove right under him- which is why its a terrible pic but he was only 10-15 feet above us. Then the top right was next I would say he was a teenager and a good 35-45 ft up a tree. We were exiting the loop when the guy on the left decided to walk by. He was big! 
 The last hike we did was 5.5 miles (it totally did us in) we went all the way up almost into Kentucky to Big South Fork National Park they have twin stone arches- here is Micah and me under the larger of the two

 Micah waiving to the horses. It's the first time he took notice of a larger animal... this is the distance at which he decided he wanted to be friends with them.

 This is how Micah hiked. 
 This is me at mile 4 of the never ending hike... it was serious... we were climbing up and over boulders, we could barely move the next day!
Ok well this wraps up our vacation- not sure everyone would see this as a vacation- but we had a blast. I am almost done catching up- sorry these posts have been more to catch our family up then anything else!


Adrienne said...

Oh my, you are a brave family! So neat, your pictures are just gorgeous. That tree house is a little weird, though.

Norma's Nonsense said...

Loved seeing about your trip. What a pretty and interesting place! I googled it so I could see more about the area. What a great history it has. Fun pictures and of course love seeing that Micah. He is so cute and getting so big. Now, where is the pictures of his birthday??? Just asking. :)

Jessica said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Smoky Mountains!!! We were supposed to be heading up there next week, to see the leaves changing, but due to other circumstances, we wont
:( You're pictures are great and it looks like y'all had a great time. I am so jealous, I would live there if I could, its so beautiful!!!And Micah is seriously the cutest kid...

Isisjem said...

Fabulous pictures. You're so right that tree house does look creepy. Would love to see a bear in the wild but we don't get them over here. Probably a good thing as this is a small country for so many humans AND bears too!

Jennifer said...

sooo beautiful! I would love to go there. I love pictures of Micah:)

Joan's Good Life said...

Wow! That IS a creepy tree house! Glad you y'all made it out of there safe! ;-)

Great pictures of your trip! I am very impressed with all the hiking you did with a baby on your backs! Awesome!

And you can't go wrong with posting pictures of Micah! He always makes them more interesting! lol

Rhonda said...

What a great trip. Brent and I love to hike so that is right up our alley. Love your pictures.

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