Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Redraw for the Garland Giveaway

Unfortunately I didn't hear back from the winner of the Garland Giveaway. So lucky for you guys I picked a new winner!

Please contact me ( within the next 5 days with your mailing information or I will redraw another winner.

Thanks again for everyones participation.

** Micah's officially 4 months old today- how did that happen so fast?!*


sherie lee said...

I dont know how the time speeds up to hyper-warp when your watching your baby grow, breathe in every moment! Love the last pics of him!

mamarazza said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!*happy dance*
oh how wonderful is that?????!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, Jessica - I can't believe you've picked me.
Altough I wish I could fly over and pick it directly from your fence - and spend a few days in sunny FLA - it's not possible and so I'm looking forward to get your parcel. Thanks again!!
greetings from Stuttgart! Conny

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