Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Invites

So here is the reveal for what I have been working on for the last week. I am SOOO excited about it! These are for a 50th wedding anniversary (it's the parents of the 25th anniversary invites I did last summer which I showed you in my very first post). She wanted hers to have pictures like her daughters did. I was planning on having these printed (I couldn't handle piecing that many together) so I started brainstorming and then I remembered that Jennifer had posted her daughters birthday invites last year, which were gorgeous. They are the accordion invite by Kodak and they were perfect for what I was wanting.

They had a very formal 40th party so she wanted to go casual for their 50th with a luau theme. I had a blast designing them. The graphics are all mine from scratch. I have a hibiscus in my back yard so I took a ton of pictures of the flowers and leafs and went from there.

I am still missing one picture from the back but I couldn't wait to show you.

Close up of the front. I looked at a picture of scroll work to help me make mine. So I guess that isn't completely from me but it's not an exact copy of anyone else's either.

Needless to say I got A LOT of use out of my Wacom tablet - it ROCKS by the way! I sketched out all of my flowers scanned them in and then turned them into the graphic below. Each piece was a separate file that I inserted arranged and then tied them all together to make them look like a plant.

I really like them. I was really worried that I wouldn't! I hopefully will be sending them to be printed by the end of the week I am just waiting on final approval of wording ... and that last picture. I will show you them again when I get them back from printing.
Oh wait I didn't mention that these are a total suprise for the mom. She thinks she knows what she is getting but she really doesn't. We had to be all sneaky to get the photos collected because she has been very involved in the planning and knows everything that is happening. The switch up and all the photos will be a surprise from her daughters. (I am a really good salesman...I REALLY didn't want to cut and piece these!!! ... not that I am charging for these they are friends)
Let me know what you guys think I am so nervous about these!
**please let me know if you see any grammar issues as long as it is before Friday after that please keep it to yourself I won't want to know at that point!!**


sasha said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I would say I can't believe you drew all those flowers and the scroll, but I can believe it! You're amazing! Great work!!!

corinnea said...

Good job!!!! They look great and I know she will be surprised and thrilled.

Jenny P. said...

holy cow those are sooooooooo cool! Like Sasha, I can't believe it yet i can! You have a natural talent. Bravo:) he he he:)

Adie said... I sit here admiring your design talent, I find myself wondering, not for the first time, if you would be willing to trade a custom logo design for custom jewelry?? Because really, everything you touch is stunning. :)

Mary said...

They look great!

insanely crafty said...

Adie I would love to work with you! Email me at with more information on what you are looking for. I have a couple things I have to get done first but i could probably get to it in the next few weeks!

sherie lee said...


Kelly's Korner said...

You're killin me! You MADE that scroll?!? OMG. The flowers are gorgeous too! Very nice job!!!

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