Sunday, February 8, 2009

When it rains, it pours.

What a CRAZY weekend! It went from being crazy booked not booked because I was getting sick so I was laid up on the couch all Saturday morning trying to feel better. Then we get a phone call that Ciarra (Uber's niece) had been burned when a kid decided it would be funny to throw gasoline on a fire at a party she was at the night before and that she had been medi-evac'd from Pensacola to Shands in Gainsville. So we took off to see her (Gainsville is about an hour and a half from our house) she is doing pretty well. They were initially worried her lungs were burned, but they aren't. She now just has to deal with being 18 and having 1st and 2nd degree burns on her face. They are keeping her in the hospital until at least Tuesday to make sure that she wont need skin grafts. We are very thankful that it wasn't worse and very hopeful that there will be little to no scarring. So if you can also remember her in your prayers we would really appreciate it.

And once again with no good way so segue... I am really hoping these types of posts are over.

We did manage to get the garage completed... FINALLY!!! And I LOVE IT! (hopefully Uber loves it too... though I am not sure because I am so loud about the fact that I love it! )

The dark grey area of the floor is an 1/2" thick floor mat that is really comfortable to stand on while you are working or just hanging out.
You can now see where the flag is hanging...

This is the shelf we have been waiting on FOREVER it's from costco (lesson learned - GRAB IT WHEN YOU SEE IT... we have been waiting 2 months for this to be restocked... and they aren't great with giving dates because is has been supposed to be in tomorrow for the whole of the two months....) We looked everywhere else and no other shelf was this nice. It holds up to 2,000 pounds on each shelf, the shelves are wire so the dust can drop to the ground (I REALLY like that!) All of Uber's tools go on this shelf. I only took over the top one to store the extra shelves from the house and our xmas tree.

This work bench is AMAZING it is also a costco find and is SUPER heavy duty -8 ft long and is just pretty to look at.
Uber built the peg board and has it all framed out and pretty, which just thrills me to no end! I always loved seeing framed out peg board in magazines.

The cabinets are our old kitchen cabinets that the builder accidently destroyed (as far as being used in the kitchen goes) while trying to do a quick repair. They look great in the garage!
Getting the bikes up off the ground is great, it gave us alot more floor space. Uber built the little shelf by the door which is just adorable it holds all of his screws and nails in yummy jelly jars : ) I can't wait to hang cute things off the hooks!
Oh and note the hot water heater in it's cute blanket (I really dont think they help...darn you oprah... hahaha)
Ubers birthday gift which we will finally be getting more use out of now that the gargage is clean!

I hate storing things I managed to get all of our storage down to these containers and actually the top rack is all sports and out door stuff the middle rack is all christmas and the bottom rack is ... well packing popcorn because I hate tossing it so it is accumulating with a vengance... So I think I am doing pretty well if I could just part with the popcorn...

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the garage... sorry it took so long. I am off to bed now 30 minutes late... Uber is definately over it!


corinnea said...

Glad he got back safe and the news is still good for her!

The garage is fantastic! One day I will have you do my garage, just wait until I get all the stuff I don't want thrown away out of there!!

Love Ya

Jenny P. said...

very neat and tidy! I love tidy:)

Norma's Nonsense said...

I'm green with envy!!! Going into my garage is an adventure, as you know. I really need to just pull everything out, clean and then NOT put the 'stuff' back in.....

Hope you are feeling better and glad for the better news about Ciera.

Kelly's Korner said...

Your mom told me about the cousin. Man.... that just stinks.

The garage is very neat and tidy. I love it!

Doris said...

Wow! I liked how you two organized the garage; it looks fantastic. My garage is so unorganized right now, but this has definitely gave me some ideas for my place ^_^

FYI...I love your crafty blog! I came across it while looking for a cover pattern/idea for my KitchenAid mixer. It's funny, this is the 2nd crafty blog I came across where the person is also from Jax! How cool is that??

Anonymous said...


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